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Divine Cream

Divine Cream

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Divine Cream

Divine Cream 50 ml


With 5 patents, Divine Cream acts at the heart of cells* to visibly correct all signs of ageing, for beautiful, younger-looking skin. Used on a daily basis, it:   • Maintain skin's youthful potential  • Intensely nourishes*  • Visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 24% ***  • Give a feeling of firmer (91%)* and more elastic (95%)* skin  • Reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, to reveal a sublimated skin.****   With its unctuous texture, the Divine Cream melts deliciously into the skin, giving a sensation of supreme comfort.   DIVINE RESULTS:  A new breath of youth seems to come from the very heart of the skin**. Bursting with vitality, it simply glows with beauty. *Satisfaction tested on 95 women over 6 months. **Upper layer of the epidermis. ***Effectiveness test on 78 women over 3 months. ****Clinical scorage on 48 women after 4 weeks.

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