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Precious Mist

Precious Mist

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Precious Mist

Precious Mist 50 ml


Precious Mist is a light face mist to hydrate and revitalise the skin at any moment of the day. A handbag must-have during the dry winter months and warm summers alike, sprayed on top of make-up, this light mist helps to fix makeup in place and gives the skin a hydration boost and renewed glow.   Unlike other water-based face mists, Precious Mist is bursting with anti-ageing benefits thanks to a formula enriched with Immortelle floral water, soothing alpha-bisabolol and plumping hyaluronic acid.   Precious Face Mist can be applied before your daily skincare routine or on top of make-up, any time of the day. Hold the spray 20cm away from the face, close eyes and spray away!

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