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Almond Delightful Contours

Almond Delightful Contours

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Almond Delightful Contours

Almond Delightful Contours 200 ml


Visibly reshape your silhouette and tone body contours with Almond Delightful Contours.   L’OCCITANE has captured the firming properties of almond with this formula, concentrated in powerful natural active ingredients. Our fresh gel includes a network of almond proteins, combined with a tightening almond extract and silicium derivative, which support the skin’s surface to sculpt and tone. This patented complex has slimming properties that reduce the appearance of cellulite, leaving the skin firmer and smoother. A second patented complex of almond tree buds and rose buds helps to visibly refine the body’s silhouette.   Almond Delightful Contours instantly melts into the skin, leaving behind the delicious fragrance of almond trees.

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